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CONNECT provides 3 or 4-week professional and cultural exchange programs for university students and young professionals. Participants interact with outstanding professionals in their field of study or profession to gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Participants will live with individual host families to experience daily life and culture in an American home. In addition, there will be opportunities to visit local tourist attractions, participate in volunteer activities and join in English discussion groups.

Educational Consulting

CONNECT provides a variety of educational consulting services to help your organization excel in language instruction. Leading instruction techniques are modeled to provide clients hands-on experience that they can immediately use in their organizations.

Instruction topics include classroom management, creative learning, critical thinking, and lesson planning. CONNECT will work with your staff to build solutions that meet your specific needs.

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I got to know the real American culture. I realized to be a teacher in the US was a hard job. I observed a special class with students who had some physical or mental disorder. I was inspired the idea of having a special class or special teacher to help these students.

Winter 2020 Vautrin Education Exchange Participant

What impressed me most about my journey was my host family. They will be the lighthouse of my life, and I hope one day I can become someone like them. They never judged me, always helped me find answers and solve problems. I felt I was loved and accepted. I now have more confidence in myself.

Winter 2020 Vautrin Education Exchange Participant

My favorite part of dinners together was listening to the experienced doctors talking about the skills of communicating with patients. I learned that we should use both our medical knowledge and compassion, not only to help fight illnesses but also to show our care for them. In addition, the love doctors have for their families has greatly influenced me to do the same with my family when I get home.

Winter 2020 Wilson Medical Exchange Participant

I learned about the professional differences in dentistry between China and the U.S. The U.S. dentists attach great importance to humanistic care for patients, and they take a long time to communicate with each patient patiently and intently. They also use colorful materials when doing children’s orthodontics, making a positive difference in the children’s impression of the clinic/hospital.

Winter 2020 Wilson Medcal Exchange Participant

Because we needed to speak English all day, my spoken English made great progress, especially during small talk. I realized that it is not as difficult as I thought to communicate in English in daily life. The most impressive thing is the friendly relationship between physiotherapists and patients.

Winter 2020 Wilson Medical Exchange Participant

I used to have some wrong ideas about the U.S., but my trip changed my world view. To know a country, you need to go there in person; to know someone, you need to make friends with them; to know something, you need to experience it firsthand. I was impressed the most by my host family. I felt like I was their daughter instead of a stranger. I was moved by their love and respect for everyone.

Winter 2020 Wilson Medical Exchange Participant

I went to Evansville and Boston during the summer program in 2016. I visited many famous universities, experienced the hospitality of the host family, got to know many good friends. It was such a wonderful trip! I experienced American life and culture in-depth. It changed my way to learn and live a life as well. I only learned from books before, but now I know experience is the best teacher. You couldn’t learn everything from books.

Spring 2016 Multimedia & NGO Program Participant

I included my shadowing experience in Walmart Headquarters in my CV. Many HRs were very interested and asked the details about my shadowing. I also put it in my personal statement. It helped me to get my offer.

Summer 2017 Business Program Participant

My bachelor’s degree was in English. I have been interested in art all the time. When I applied to study abroad, I put the program experience in my CV. The interviewer of Pratt Institute was impressed by my shadowing experience. I chose to continue my study in New York University and major in performing arts management.

This exchange program helped me to understand art organization, TV media and local culture in the US, which prepared me for my further education there.

I live and study in New York now. I visited my host family earlier this year. We became friends and keep in touch with each other since they hosted me in 2017 summer program

Summer 2017 Multimedia Program Participant

The program has huge influence on how I see things. For example, my host mom is aged, But she loves her life, her family and herself like a young girl. I also discussed with my host dad some deep life topics, because aging and death was my biggest fear. Their lives reminded me of a sentence: “Don’t worry about getting old, because you will be cute when you are old.” By a famous translator in China. Therefore, the trip to the US brought me warmth and strength to face the problems that I fear.

Summer 2016 Business Program Participant

Americans treat their families more directly than Chinese do. Americans prefer to show love and gratitude to their loved ones at any time. After I returned to China, I’d also use words and hugs to express my love for my loved ones apart from expressing love with actions. My family are feeling good about being valued and loved in each of these lovely moments.

At work, I learned to communicate confidently with people around. Different from Chinese humility, Americans are characterized by their self-confidence. After I returned to work in China, I tried to face my brand new job and new colleagues with confidence.  As my self-confidence helps give me a feeling of success, my colleagues around me would also continue to support and help me. In this way, the unknown of the future doesn't seem to me that much anymore!

Summer 2018 Business Program Participant

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