Wilson Medical Exchange – What is it?

The Wilson Medical Exchange is a 3-4 week winter or summer professional and cultural exchange program to the U.S. for university students studying various areas of healthcare (medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmaceutical, hospital administration, etc.). During the exchange, students will interact with professionals in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities to gain a better understanding of the western healthcare system and to experience careers they are interested in pursuing. They will live with individual host families to experience daily life and culture in an American home. In addition, there will be opportunities to visit local universities and tourist attractions, participate in volunteer activities and join in English discussion groups.

  • Professional development
  • Life and culture in America
  • Interaction and mentorship
  • English language immersion
  • Sightseeing and fun

With the Wilson Medical Exchange, we hope to compliment the knowledge students acquire in university classrooms by providing practical, professional experience in an environment that expands the students’ global understanding and enhances their English communicative skills.

Upon graduation, we hope students will enter society equipped with the knowledge, skills and character that lead to successful careers and vibrant communities.

The Wilson Medical Exchange was named in honor of Robert Wilson, the American doctor who stayed in Nanjing to help Chinese people during the 1937 Japanese invasion. We hope that those students who participate in the Wilson Medical Exchange will learn to emulate Dr. Wilson’s bravery and sacrifice, and be remembered for saving many lives and contributing to the health of society.

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