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Frequently Asked Questions

This exchange program has two very distinct advantages when comparing it to most other exchange programs.

  1. You will have the amazing opportunity to truly experience American culture by living with an American family. Most international students who study or travel to the US, never have the chance to even visit an American’s home.
  2. You will make a huge investment into your future by having a professional mentor you in his/her workplace and give you the chance to experience what a career in that profession would be like. Other programs such as Work/Travel programs typically place you in minimum wage jobs, like serving fast-food for long hours, while living in an under furnished apartment with several non-American roommates. These types of programs promise a fun experience, but cannot provide you with a competitive advantage when it comes to your future career.

Currently, we are accepting applications from any current Chinese university student or recent graduate that has at least an intermediate level of English.

Please call our office at 025-86643845, or contact Rose Li–Email: QQ: 2822311793 WeChat: 18114494260

There are limited openings, so when making our final selection, we take into consideration first-come first-serve.

We’d be happy to discuss the cost of the program, and what it includes, please call our office at 025-86643845 or email Rose Li at

It might be possible; although, anyone working in our office can answer all of your questions and share through our own experiences. If you still prefer to talk to some else, please contact our office, and we will try to arrange a previous participant to contact you.

We will help you schedule and prepare for your visa interview.

In order to reduce the overall cost of the program, many students have asked us if they could purchase their own plane tickets. So, we’ve removed travel fees from our program cost, and have given you the responsibility to purchase your own plane tickets; although, we would like to give you suggestions on which flights to take so you can arrive together with other program participants traveling to the same host city.

Previous participants have told us one of their favorite aspects of the program was staying with their American host families. We take special effort to find host families that will be kind, loving, and treat you like their own family members. Our goal is to help you feel as comfortable and safe as possible while you are participating in the program. Host families are carefully selected and we will match you with a family that is suitable for you. We take into consideration things like your age, gender, and if you like pets or not.

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so by providing you with information about your host family once we match you.

Yes! Part of feeling safe is to know that your parents can contact you while you are in the US. With access to the Internet, you will also be able to use WeChat, QQ, or whatever app that you typically use to communicate with your parents.

Please let us know what your interest is, and we will do our best to find a suitable professional experience for you.

Our program provides you with a very valuable experience that will develop your confidence, professional skills, cultural understanding and English language ability. Monetary compensation, however, is not available for this program.

We will provide you with a detailed schedule before you travel to the US.

Yes, participating in the program is an honor, and we want you to remember your hard work and experience.

Because our program has many different locations throughout the US and offers a variety of professional experiences, packing needs will vary. During your program orientation, we will discuss your specific packing needs, and give you a list of suggestions.

You will be given a list of people you can contact in the case of an emergency, but your host family or host professional would probably be the first people you could contact.

Every program participant is required to have travel medical insurance for the duration of the program. To bring you peace of mind, we will ensure that you will have the proper insurance and help you understand the policy coverage.

We want you to have a wonderful experience, so we are committed to providing that for you. If you feel dissatisfied, we want to know as soon as possible so we can improve your situation. You can always contact our Chinese office, but we will also give you a list of our co-workers you could contact in your host city such as program coordinator, host family, and host professional. The specific person you should contact depends on what aspect of the program is causing your dissatisfaction.

To gain the most from our program, your time should be spent interacting with your host family, host professionals and all the other Americans involved in the program. They will be happy to take you wherever you need to go. Our program provides you with a very full experience, so there isn’t much time for personal travel that is not related to the program. Therefore, personal travel is not permitted during the program.

If you are interested in extending your stay, please discuss that with us. We will approve this case-by-case.

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